Sold my last business for $11 Million AMA

This is true, but it doesn’t make him wrong!

Always funny when the incel comes in these threads "my friends a bajillionaire! Yeah we know you’re the shrimp sick virgin, sorry pal

Which one? The ones that actually deposit the cash or the one guy that just made up the rule?

Umm… because he gave her another $160k for a yearly payment. Sounds like your buddy is married to a gold digger.

We know it’s you homie

Wait are you talking to me? Oh my god, you guys never leave your fucking houses. I’m a fucking doctor in a rich area and yes I have many friends that are rich. Yes, some are billionaires. Big fucking deal. I’m not flexing it doesn’t matter. I can run into a billionaire walking my dog to the mail box. It’s just the nature of where I live. Where do you think people live? You do realize some people on this forum live in nice places.

Doctor of sucking dick maybe

Yours is small tho, learn how to make your wife cum and maybe we will be more impressed


Have you ever sold a business for eleventymillion dollars


I wonder how many dicks you need to suck to get your doctorate in sucking dick, probably like 5 a day x 240 days a year + 5 years? give or take… thats like 6,000 dicks. Yeah i think you definitely would be doctor level at sucking dick after that.

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For him? Bout tree fiddy

Dude, you’re a month old account that’s in a thread for calling out a guy for selling a business and you’re going to drop claims like this with no proof?

Get Out No GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Doctor dick sucker he is


Cool dick jokes! Go to bed jr. I’ll see you tomorrow and you’ll still be making dick jokes in everyone’s threads and I’ll still be seeing patients.

Your dicks a jr

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Doctor of Sucking Dick had me in tears.

Never change OG !

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$0 imo

You should not date out of your tax bracket. Dating is not charity. Now don’t get me wrong. You can still take your girl out for dinner and what not but it shouldn’t be anything that’s expected

Good for you. We are all jealous now. Some of us are just trying to build something decent at the moment, using modern technologies, like microsoft teams phone number in order to reach a wider category of customers and tell them the information about the product.

Is this whole thread worth reading?

Or can someone give me cliff notes?