Sold WOW account

So back when BC came out, I had two level 60s geared up with Tier 1
and 2 purplez, a rogue and a pally. I didn't want to play anymore and
I'd rather stop then instead of hacking through twenty more levels and
farming and grinding to find out that I still felt that way.

So, just days before Ebay's crackdown on WoW related sales, I managed
to sell my account for a few hundred dollars. I sent the guy my
password and account name, the game discs, and the books. Granted,
this is still technically against the ToS, but they can't punish the seller,
only the buyer (which is why I never bought gold or an account, but if
some schlub wants to pay me cash for data, eh).

This was in January. Flash forward to yesterday when I had a voicemail
from the guy that bought my account telling me that it was suspended
for some reason and that he needs me to call him back.


LOL @ the assclown

you should get your account back and say it was stolen and then next month resell it

Honestly yes and no... I have done it before but just beware that if this was through Paypal it MIGHT backfire and you might have to give the account back

Go for it though, why not

It's the price you pay for purchasing virtual goods

I have been burned twice and it's just one of those things

It's been long enough that he shouldn't be able to dispute it through Paypale (or Ebay for that matter). I think their dispute period is 45, iirc.

After their crackdown, EBay deleted all of the WoW related auctions, there's no record of it even happening on my Ebay account. PayPal, eh, the money is long gone. He doesn't have a leg to stand on with me.

I thought it was pretty funny, trying to get some kind of customer service from essentially a black market sale.