Read this non believing jerk bitches. From Ken's official website, possibly the best site ever.

Kal: Were the soldiers surprised to see you when you arrived?

Ken: I think they were. It was great to see eyes light up and smiles on faces. Some of the guys would say, "Wow, Ken Shamrock, you're my hero!" I would then think: man....if you only knew what you are to me! I'm just a mixed martial arts fighter. These guys know the true meaning of sacrifice. These guys are brave. They are the true heroes.

Hes not much of a Jiu Jitsu guy.

... leglocks fueled by steak and chicken.

They don't love him, and I'm speaking first hand.

I'm sure they appreciate a guy of his fame giving his free time to go and teach them some moves.

TTT for Ken.

He likes to hang with the Troops and you have to admire the fact that he is willing to give up his time to do so.

TTT for Ken.