Solid ammy 155'er in Indiana?

I'm looking to test my 155'er prior to turning pro. Looking for a solid, tough 55'er to put him to the test.: any in the Indy area? Show coming up in early February. Anyone who can help me out? Thanks in advance..

Yea I got a few guys who would do it. hit my cell 317.652.5874

I came down for the last show @ 8 seconds & saw 1 in particular who I thought was tough. Don't rember his name. Tall white dude, completly controled the biger stronger kid he was fighting, biig strong black kid. Do you know him or if we can line that fight up? Thanks.

Thats Daniel Pitzulo... Who is the guy you had in mind for him to fight?
Walking weight

Chad higgins. Walks @ around 170. Record is8-0. This will be his last ammy fight. What is daniels info. Walk wt. Record???

Mike Foster is the BEST ammy 155 in the state or from atleast what I have seen. He has never lost at 155. All his losses are are at 70 and 85. He is listed as 10-9. Hes more like 16-9.

I am looking to give him any tough test at 155.

I need an opponent for him on Nov. 28th in Muncie, IN if anyone is interested.

 Jason Richards is a very good 155er in the state, he is 10-2.  I have also heard some great things about a guy named Jesse Miller from up in Goshen.  He is 18-4, but I don't know if he turned pro or not.

we can work somwthing out. Daniel already has a scheduled bout but as far as going pro i have several guys in my grasp he could fight in febuary. you have been to legends of fighting so u kno that we r the most legit show around. josh rines 4-5 pro walks at 165 aaron elias 1-1 walks at 154 rocky france 1-2 walks at 170 just for starters. jay richards is actualy 13-3 . Just call me 317 652-5874

Mike Lecueta moved down to 145 for a fight in Portage. He is the Kombat Zone 155 ammy champion; he may still be ammy by feb;

He wrestled for Purdue, only loss was against a in his first or second bout (Bowersock show- dude was a pro)

Shane Rece was 145 KZ champion, walks around about 152 recently beat Escebedo in Indy.

Call me 260-920-0200.

Got over to the LFC show on Friday. Good time! Can I have mr. Pitzulos info please, or his managments? Thanks. We want to line this fight up.

you contact me for it Mr. Mcgee 317.652.5874 also I have a guy named Mike Shields who is 9-0 with no opponent for january 8th as amateur at 155lbs any takers? Winner can have a title fight in march

common everyone says they got the Badest guys im state. well here is your chance whe has a guy who will challenge Mike. he holds two titles right now. who wants it?

can we get chad here to fight Mike?

Who is "mike"? Last name, record, weight etc. Let's do it. I'd rather sign with the pttzulo kid but you don't seem to be game for that. Unless I'm miss-understanding?

If your talking about mike shields, of whom you were speaking in your above post then it's no. I've seen the guy fight & go to a draw with the Thacker kid. & if my eyes serve me right, I believe Thacker just got tapped in just over a min by Daniel.... We want to fight Pitzulo because he's a wrestler ' good on the ground & wehsvent fought that yet. As I said " we want a ground test before going pro. Thanks in advance. If youre the matchmaker then let's make it happen..


Thank you for your help tapskills, much appreciated. That would be sad if he had a pro fight as I was hoping to line this up for jan or feb. Any info would help. Thanks again.


Daniel decided to make his pro debut january so that wont happen. However any other option is available. Im still trying to find a guy for him...