Solitaire Cheat

Don't play any hand where any of the four cards from the left are 6's. Rarely are they not losers. Noticed this empirically and then confirmed with an IT guy and a mathematician, who agreed after trying it out. Such 6's most frequently pop up to frustrate repetitive wins.

Solitaire, the lonely man's game. And you want to cheat? Ask yourself who you are really cheating, pal.

Holy shit, is it 1996 again? 

Went 1 for 4

Squirrel, I hope you think you're being satirical or something by purposely writing something extra trite.

Sexton, when the seven cards of a new game come up, don't play the game if any of the first 4 cards starting from the left are 6's. Instead, press F2 to get a new game.

minesweeper 4 life