Solo Female Living in a Van for 2 Years with Cat (Is She Sane? Would You Come Over for Dinner?)

Would :heart:

Just one something?

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I would come over to take that cat from her and bring it home with me so it had a good home.

I think she would be one of those people who smells like they look. Which in her case would be 3 week old yoga clothes unwashed.

Wouldnt marry her but as long as she shaves arms, legs and puss, I’d smash.

At least she isn’t lecturing us on her politics. That’s good enough for me.


that makes her even hotter

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Cat people typically are lame as fuck. She spent 2 years alone with a cat, 11000% she is broken mentally.

i would kiss her where she doesn’t wash

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Yep. Makes anal boring


She’d make an excellent mother.

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It’s a package deal. The cat stays…