Solomon shoulda watched this...

he could have avoided rory's jew claw.

Excellent anaylsis from an undefeated pro fighter.


thank not tait fletcher but hey,i try.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA... his best character by far...


"In Kazakhstan, the favorite hobbies are disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis"

everybody dancing now :D

Whoa, Gunjin has a green name???

When did you fight, congrats!?

dang, that gif is kinda mesmorizing.

Rory's ankle looks OK in that GIF!

Frankis, why no head kick in the gif?

I had my first fight April 14th,I'm fighting again this Saturday.


ttt for the crazy leg

lmao at crazy leg

that's a misleading gif without the headkick to the temple...

head kick to the temple

that kick missed and hooked around him forcing solomon to the ground

toothless? hes got a few teeth.....


Watch it again my friend. If all it did was drop him to the ground he certainly would have had the ability to fight back. The knee landed on his temple and as he fell it to me it caused the leg to hook around him and we both fell to the ground. He was already dazed when he landed. The punches just sealed the deal.

Solomon is tough as hell and will be a force in the future with the proper training. That guy is a beast.

Rory, could you hear Tito calling for it, or had you decided to give the head kick a go when he mentioned it in the corner?

Nice win, btw. Excellent job fighting off your back in the first round.