Solution For Judo/Bjj Wars

how bout kirik make a "lets all get along" fourm and move all and future threads tothat forum that way the UG will be totally cleared up.

serious thread, might work

Respectful debate, respectful disagreement is encouraged here.There's a key there somewhere, i'm sure you can find it

i just think another forum would do the trick. we can all go there and fight it out without disrespecting the UG. we can have are own lil shit hole to war it out . another good thing about our own forum would be no sensorship. we can say what we want since it will be a sub forum and not the UG main forum

But then, the UG would only have about 1000 threads on it, as opposed to the 7942 it has when I make this post.

lol true but u know people here complain that there threads are getting deleted. if we had a seperate forum we can agree on no deleition. the forum will be all bjj judo related and those folks can go to war

Good idea, separate the men from the (all) the trolls.

And let them to stay there like a deserted island.

What's with all the Vancouverites here?Where's Jimmy McGimmick,while were at it?I'm sure he will be the first to vote Your Father as mod for this new and wonderful forum.

Myself,I vote for Ex-Judoka as mod there.He's level-headed,reasonable,has experience in both arts,and kicks a new knowledge.

Without the Judo/BJJ war I think Your Father would sink into a deep depression and possibly kill himself

Respectful disagreement and discussion is welcome on the Judo/Sambo forum guys. I can even remember a couple of times when Your Father was able to do so.

Ben Reinhardt
Judo/Sambo Forum Moderator


How about the loudmouths on both sides of the discussion grow up and act like adults?

And if they aren't adults...

How about they just grow up?

LOL at the bjj vs judo issue. Don't y'all have anything better to worry about?



Your Father

"Couldn't that argument be made for every single thread on here? Couldn't that argument be made for the sport itself?"


"We come here so as to not worry about anything else."

Fair enough.

However, the amount of effort and thought that has gone into judo vs bjj is silly.


TTT for "Your Father" schooling the Judo bitches!

If a separate forum was created, all the trolls wouldn't be able to get their fix.

It'd probably be as dead as the ProGround, with all those threads still being posted on the UG.

is the proground dead? why?

"is the proground dead? why?"

No, but it might as well be. Nobody posts there.

I myself am sick of the whole BJJ-Judo crap. Its like cousins not getting along!! There both from the same lineage, without one we wouldn´t have the other.

CAN´T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!! Debate is one thing, but public crying and internet whinning is another. Calling one another names and sh#t is childish!!!

The Royce-Yoshida fight is over let it fest and lets all move on!!!

Hoping for peace,