Solution for the 10 pt must system

If they insist on keeping this system in place they have to start being more generous with the 10-8s and 10-7s. For example 10-9 will only be for rounds that are super close but one guy slightly won (like most of the Rashad Tio fight). A 10-8 would be like most of the Couture Sylvia rds, a clear winner but not close to a finish-just completely dominant. 10-7's would be what the 10-8's are now- rare but when one guy almost finishes and completely dominates the round.

I think this is the way to go if they insist on scoring round by round.

its a 10-8 round for a knockdown or domination.

The most recent controvercial fight did not have a 10-8 round by any stretch.

I have for a long time thought we need

10-10 even

10-9 slight advantage

10-8 advantage

& 10-7 being for a prison sex round - replacing 10-8's

If we then replaced a HAMILL/BISPING fight with this criteria we would have seen R1 as a 10-8 HAMMILL / R2 a 10-9 HAMMILL & R3 would have seen BISPING swinging for the fences.

The thing with boxing is that a count = an 8 round and in MMA we have no such thing. Should we have a catch system?

Personally I believe we don't wanna complicate this to much and the 7 system as above would be a little easier as I believe the main challenge is that their are worlds between an 8 & 9 round eg HAMMILL'S R1 as compared to 2.

food for thought...


Reading comprehension anyone?

The latest fight the 1st rd would have been a 10-8 the way I described it.

XFC has it there!!! Above comments were not aimed at you.

"its a 10-8 round for a knockdown or domination."

A knockdown does not constitute a domination by any means. You could knock me down with one swing, on a flash, have no follow up, have me stand back up and then proceed to have me dominate you for 99% of the rest of the round.

I mean, people complain that the ten point must is for boxing but so are knockdown rules. Boxing doesnt have GNP or submission attempts to account for.

10-10 for real close rounds with no clear winner, and a 4th "winner takes all" round if its a draw after full time could do the trick