Solution to PPV decline

If you were in charge of the UFC what would you do to fix the "PPV decline" issue??

less PPV's, scrap them all together, lower the price?

if it were up to me i would less PPV's a year. Maybe only 6-10.

All PPV's would (on paper) be stacked and have at least 1 title fight. UFC 150 type cards would not be PPV's. Not that it sucked, the fights were entertaining but on paper it wasnt "stacked". if its not stacked AND doesnt have a title fight then it should be a TV card

possibly lower the price by 20-25 bucks

lastly (which has always been my biggest gripe) SHOW THE WHOLE GOD DAMN CARD. I can't justify paying $50 for 5 fights. especially considering the undercard fights are better a lot of the times. Hell you could even have 2 options when buying a PPV. $25 for the main card $50 for the whole card or something like that.

what say you UG?