Somali 'migrant' assaults woman while giving birth

FRAT version: Somali migrant sexually assaults a woman while she’s in labor in hospital in Rome...

I'd classify Somalia as a shithole and based on my experience with Somali immigrants would say most of them aren't the type we want in the country... But I guess that makes me racist.


A woman was sexually assaulted while in labour at a hospital in Rome, by a man who had stolen a nurses uniform to sneak onto the delivery ward.

The attacker, a 38-year-old Somali man reportedly walked into the delivery room, where he groped the woman's thighs and genitals and began masturbating, Italian media reports.

The 43-year-old victim fought off her attacker and screamed for help and hospital staff came to her aid.

According to several local newspapers, the Somali man had walked into Sant'Eugenio Hospital on New Year's Eve and managed to steal a set of nurses' scrubs from a cupboard.

He does not appear to have been challenged by staff as he made his way into the labour ward where he is said to have sexually assaulted his victim.

He was arrested at the scene and has been charged with aggravated sexual violence and theft.

The attacker has been living in Italy for five years on a residents permit, but reportedly has a criminal record.

When asked during a court appearance why he was at the hospital on New Year's Eve, he replied 'Only God knows', La Stampa reports.

The newspaper adds that the Somali man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The trial has been scheduled for January 10.

That makes me sick...

I really hate people sometimes...

Really hope this isn't true. Disgusting. 

"The newspaper adds that the Somali man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation."

That should help.


Somalians have been fairly decent in the last few years where I live. Sudanese are using the criminals

This is fucking white peoples fault.

Paradigmer finally cracked eh?

"Only God knows".

Ah it's okay guys, his God had a purpose for him, so you see, it wasn't his fault.

I just hope this doesn't lead to a rise in Islamaphobia or anti-migrant sentiments.  


thanks obama

"Look at me. I am the nurse / masturbator (nursturbator ?) now."