Some ADCC Pics here: Rules meeting

ttt for more! =)


Rules meetings = everyone has been cutting weight and got their first full meal after the weigh ins. Everyone is jet-lagged, half of the crowd are falling asleep from being there all morning... conserving energy for the competition.

Great picts. Not many get to see the rules meeting. Did you take any weigh-in shots?

no, my flight got in later than planned. have loads from day 1 and day 2, just need to edit and host them somewhere.

I heard Barnett was asking a ton of question and had people thinking he was gonna compete but he didnt. I though he was gonna compete too when I saw him walking around wearing wrestling shoes, a rash guard and a pair of HCK shorts....I guess he is REALLY into coaching OR was ready to be an alternate

lol yeah he was asking a bunch of questions, shame he diodn't compete.

most of the japanese ladies were wearing catch wrestling tops too - he did a good job coaching them all and running through the whole rule book with all of them the night before.


LOL @ Bustamante.

I love that guy. He doesn't look like a fighter at all.

Busta looks like guy that wandered in there and was waiting his turn to ask for directions out of that place. Hence the map in his hand