some adcc results

just got off the phone with justin murray. some results here they come
jamie ballard won his division, 2 matches, both subs
justin murray won his division, 2 matches
nick bova won his division.
steve oliver lost to anthony perosh in the 1st rd, persosh won that division
in the absolutes nick bova lost to elvis around 5mins by kimura, and justin murray beat chris shen in the first rd by points to advance to the finals with elvis
in the finals justin took elvis down early with double underhooks trip takedown, but was quicky subbed with a triangle once on the ground.

all in all, it was a pretty small turnout, a lot of the big names didnt compete such as rodney ellis, larry papadopolous. plus bruno and paulo boycotted the event, which was a little disappointing.

it will be interesting next year when the real thing rolls around.

yeh the king pwned me good, its so hard to hate him when he's such a nice guy though. ;-p

It was a shame about the relatively small turnout, the comp was run well though.

Some good matches especially Perosh and Steve Oliver, Jamie ballards awesome omoplata/RNC was awesome to watch. And Nick Bova was on fire as usual.

Gracie Barra rules, we won 3 out of 5 divisions. :-)

"yeh the king pwned me good, its so hard to hate him when he's such a nice guy though. ;-p"

Well I'm gonna work on being an ass... I can't think of anything worse than being called nice... ;)

Well done today.  It great to see guys who are willing to get on the mat and push the limit.  That's what will make the sport grow and help everyone improve.


Yeah some good fights on the day, that triangle was tight and that omoplata rnc was nice also..

I would have liked to have seem more of the ADCC matches, but alas I was involved in helping run the AGC event.  Those that competed were some very talented grapplers.


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Oh yeah, I heard Mark Hunt was there.  Not sure how you miss someone like Mark, but I managed to.  I was hoping to meet him (I always seem to miss him when he's around). 


Dnt worry Elvis he watched both of your matches with full atention.

Sormer, what did Elvis do to worng by you in previous life? :D


Spewing I missed this comp....

What did Perosh do, to beat Steve Oliver ?

last ADCC perosh was completely all over oliver

persoh beat him on points

Anthony Perosh smothered him with 3 kilo hands.

The comp was run very well though.

Hopefully they'll post the results of the ADCC seeding event on the ADCC news page.



Can you post quick results?


Btw Quick note, bruno did not boycott it, he infact encouraged me to compete but i wasnt able due to university and work commitments.

Pity you couldn't compete Lemon. I enjoyed watching you fight a t the trials last year, you kicked some serious ass

Then got my ass kicked in the finals lol :)

i thought you had it with the heel hook!!!

I thought i did to. Hey man u get hold of prince of darkness?