Some Big names to Bud Cup

Jeff Monson
Gary "Iron Bear" Myers

Garth Taylor


Remco Pardouel UFC vet and last year purple belt heavy champ returning brown belt.

Rick... From Balance

Many nore... Guys from NY

Dan Simmler

Chris Moriaty and all of Jac's Alliance team from Atlanta.

Not that pre reg mean any thing however, we now just passed by 5-6 the pre reg for even the one Dale Earnhardt Jr ws at, which was the largest, it is growing.. See everyone there. [b]HOOTERS is giving Free 10 wings to every competitor that buys 10 so buy 10 wings and get 20!! A eating and game place (Huge) formally known as Jillians, at the big mall, good food and bowling and so many video games. Reallly nice place on the same road as the hotel. Is giving out alot of free game cards to bowling and pool, in case you dont want to go to my other sponsors places.
Gi Divisons all belts and weights, this will be on Saturday so competitors doing both or Pro as well can be completely ready.

No Gi Novice Intermediate and Advanced, this will be Sunday

Pro 3 weight classes, Sunday as well.

Looking for more women to deveolp a Pro divison email

Remco Pardoel UFC veteren and now Brown belt stated he is retuning!

It is our 4th year! Each year grows and gets better.

Anyone with a team 500 miles away of at least 4 gets a FREE Hotel room night, if closer and you have more numbers this may apply email




Marcio Fetiosa of Gracie Barra is also coming...


Who are Caveman and Rick from Balance?


Caveman is Dave Jackson 3-0 in MMA Under Adrean Surrano sp? Wrestled at Wisconsn University.. won all fights in adv super heavy and then stepped down to his proper weight and fought heavy weight and won all his fights there but had to bow out in the finals due to exhaustion at the Nationals and fought Country Last Bud cup to just points in his first grappling tourney, He now fights under me for over a year or so now.

Rick Macauley is a Black Belt under team Balance. Very talented individual.


Sounds like a great event with lots of talent !!!!


We are starting a MMA circuit this year. Just as the Bud World Cup I will do my very best to treat the fighters with classs and let them know they are appreciated.





Im Caveman... I will be the fat bald kid trying to make under 200... and its Serrano

btw thats the longest run-on sentence ever, Joe. I just tried saying it out loud and nearly passed out.


Sorry, I only went to a community college.

Writing has never been my strong suit.