if there is any truth to this article

is this fair?? seriously, what does a 20-40 professional fighter need hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for... but to gain a competitive advantage, make up for athletic deficiencies or to possibly mask other PEDS??

hughes, sonnen, hendo?? is there a theme here??

this is f’d up!!!


 - Sonnen is on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

- HRT is a "permanent therapy" and not something you do for three months and then are done with it.

- When he fought Okami in LA, Sonnen declared it, jumped through hoops and did the entire shebang.

- CSAC approved it.

- Sonnen came back to fight in Cali again and, since HRT is a permanent therapy and in his case had been approved by CSAC before, he didn't think he'd have to jump through hoops AGAIN.

- Unbeknownst to him, CSAC had changed since his last fight in California and the new commission wanted to turn over a new leaf and be nothing like the commission of old.

can't we all just lift weights and do the Bas Rutten workout?

It's total bullshit. It's like letting endurance athletes take EPO because they don't have the aerobic capacity to compete with top competition.

If your low in test naturally then that's too bad.

Either legalize PED's or maintain a zero tolerance and I mean zero for everyone.

are they using HRT and TRT interchangably? cause my undesrstanding is that they are two different things.

You can go on HRT and not have elevated testosterone, HGH, etc.

subwrassler - can't we all just lift weights and do the Bas Rutten workout?


Only if chael had a B.A.S.... Phone Post

Mako_ ...I fully agree. All or NONE!!!

F'k permanent is an ADVANTAGE for little nut fighters!!!

I wonder if the "USERS" opponents are aware of there DISADVANTAGE!!!

All athletic commissions should publicly post all fighters who are on HRT or TRT!!!

Is a bit of a joke really Phone Post

"A lot of guys who have cut weight from an early age develop testosterone deficiency. The exact mechanism isn't fully understood yet but dehydrating your body badly and rehydrating over an extended period of time increases the chances of doing damage to your endocrine system by as much as 5,000 percent"

I'd like to see a source for this.

More likely, its because wrestlers love Anavar.