Some guys have all the luck - ME!

Just landed myself another job on TV to be shot in Feb and released in March. I referee a celebrity wrestling game show for ITV in the UK.

Your gonna love me or hate me. ;o)

Here's what the papers say.............

BUSTY Victoria Silvstedt and Michelle Heaton will grapple each other in Gladiators-style Celebrity Wrestling.

Former Playboy model Victoria and Liberty X babe Michelle will dress in tight lycra superhero outfits for the ITV show.

They will be joined by Page 3 beauty Leilani, Big Brother’s Kate Lawler, former tennis ace Annabel Croft and TV presenter Jenny Powell.

The fellas include royal cad James Hewitt ex-EastEnder Marc Bannerman, showjumper Oliver Skeete and Jade Goody’s ex Jeff Brazier.

The celebs, in two teams, get a week’s training before facing challenges including fighting in a metal cage in front of a baying crowd.

The show — hosted by Kate Thornton — will be on Saturdays at teatime from March.

Ian- if you need any assistance with this new show what so ever please shoot me an email. A man of your status might not be able to keep up with all that excitement. I would even be willing to degrade myself enough to hold those tight outfits for the ladies. Let me know.



All I can say Ian, is dont wear sweat pants. You will be poking fun at them if you do.

Rod Stewart's got nothing on Ian Freeman. Except that Rod's a Celtic supporter.


That sounds great man. Some guys do have all the luck. When I lived in England I always thought Emma Harrison was a bird, too bad she aint wrestling.

Have fun Mate

You're right Ian, I hate you!!!Hehehehe

I hate Ian.

You Limey Bastard!!!!

Or should I say you Lucky Bastard!!!!

Ian, just teach all the chicks the triangle for the week.

Still no Green Name though!

Mmmm, be in the middle of Playboy victoria Silvstedt and Liberty X Michelle Heaton while there rolling aroung in tight lycra or a green name....

... thats a tough one.

Ian if you were only as good looking as me.....

rather see u fight

Ian, my only request is, if it goes to the ground, DON'T stand 'em up!

Obviously, Ian's wife doesn't get on the UG... if you think Ian is tough!!!! LOL

IAN have a question...
Tito or vitor?


Things are going your way just as you had hoped.  Your are proving yourself a success both in and out of the Cage.  More will come and whatever you do will be successful because I know the type of person you are.  Congrats to you brother.

Keep us posted. 

Best Wishes,


"Why didnt they mention your name?"

In the UK, the above celebs are household names, I am just a pro fighter that is making my way into TV. hopefully after the show, everyone wil know who The Machine is. (gets arrested trying to supplex Victoria)

"Ian if you were only as good looking as me....."

Tony, it's my charm and my sophisti..... my sofisti... my sophistacatio..... my sense of humour.

"rather see u fight"

Me too, but UFC dont think so.

"Obviously, Ian's wife doesn't get on the UG... if you think Ian is tough!!!! LOL"

Hey Monte, I'm the boss of this house and dont you forget it... and my wife don't come on here, so I can type what the hell I like, lol

"IAN have a question... Tito or vitor?"


"you wouldnt want a FULL NELISON from dale"

come on now, Dale is great man... no need to be homophobic.

"Your are proving yourself a success both in and out of the Cage."

It's a start Benny. hopefully I will get the big TV job I'm looking for pal.

""rather see u fight"

Me too, but UFC dont think so. "

Maybe they are afraid you are going to beat up one of their favorite fighters that they want to win.

Anyway.. good luck and have fun ......hope to see you fighting again soon , but this sounds like too good of a job to pass up.