Some guys have all the luck

And I am not one of them. The other day I was chilling out on the street with my blackface on eating a Cuban sandwich and drinking some water out of a paper cup. A group of metrosexuals walked by and I asked them if they "knew where I could find some strange." The next thing I know this one metro with his eyes way too close together starts stomping my face in screaming "RESPECT THE BELT!!!" Then his Mexican buddy jumps in on the action and starts screaming about how he is "from the street" and I better "respect him because he ain't no reality TV star." I offered to get him a chalupa since I know his people like that stuff but he just stomped my face and balls even harder. I didn't get a good look at the third guy but his high heels really hurt when he was stomping my eyes into my skull.

Man I am in some pain and might never be able to return to work. Anyone want to paypal me some money? I am Christian.


ttt for some donations.