some guys shouldnt use guard

theres a few guys who use guard when on bottom but all they do is eat punches. no offense or defense really. just following an mma trend . usually the stubborn wrestler type. i believe these guys r better off giving their back, blocking the choke and escaping to feet. agreed?

Most fighters today have terrible guards...

BTW, mine sucks too...


Especially when you’re talking about wrestlers. Sometimes learning the guard is bad. I realize that you should definatly know the guard, but for some fighters it should be used as a last resort.

Look at Randy for example. When he lost to Barnett and Ricco, he was trying to play the BJJ game when he got on the bottom. He said himself that was a mistake and he should have been focused more on creating scrambles and getting back to his feet or top position. He is a better fighter when he tries to avoid the guard at all cost.

I still think the reason Hughes lost to Penn was because he was to content on playing BJJ in their fight. The guard can take away from a great wrestler.

There are some people who's body types don't allow for it, either. I would love to see Mark Coleman try to play guard against anyone, that would be truly comical. Others include Randleman, Fujita, Sherk (see Sherk/Hughes), etc. Most very muscular wrestler types will never have any type of guard at all.

dude, the side mount, mount, guard, standing and clinch can all be bad in the absence of skill.

There is a shitload more to the guard than just locking your legs around the guy.

I thought Doerksen put on a great display of guard against Riggs.

Doerksen was really shutting down everything Riggs threw at him, he never really landed anything untill that final flurry at the end of the fight.

Interesting thread.

But what about the guard in terms of streetfighting? No way in hell would I ever give my back in a real fight.

too bad we don't always have a choice- i don't think anyone should use guard unless they are very very good at it. and even then i prefer gnp. but that's just me.

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I like guard. Getting punched is part of it but i have watched fights were people were mounted on someone and still got punched a few times. Its all in the hips. You can avoid alot. Well maybe that is because I like the guard that I know somethings.

lots of guys have an easier time reversing when mounted, than when stuck in guard

It's interesting that the same athletic, powerful and fast game that wrestlers often bring doesn't usually apply to their guard game... I mean sure, different fight methodolgies, but their movement always seems so limited when compared to a genuine BJJ fighter's guard.

I'd have thought their athleticism alone would of count for something. Frank Mir/Minotaur's of the world are just SO few and far between.

good topic

Matt did made a huge mistake playing guard with BJ.

imo matt coulda tied up bj and waited for a standup. but he stupidly gave his back with seconds remaining. in this case the guard was a good move imo...