Some info about Parker

Charles Christopher Parker, Jr. was born on August 29, 1920 in Kansas City, Kansas to Charles and Addie Parker. He was given the nicknames "Bird" and "Yardbird". Since a chicken is a "yard bird" and Parker was quite fond of chicken, Parker was given the nickname Charlie "Yardbird" Parker. His parents separated, and in 1927, Charlie and his mother moved to Kansas City, Missouri.Charlie's mother, Addie, worked nights and after she would leave for work, Charlie would begin his nightly rounds getting his musical education in the alleyways behind the clubs where Kansas City jazz was flowering. His favorite place to hang out, coming of age in Kansas City, was the balcony of Sol Stibel's Club Reno. Parker would sit there and listen to his idol Lester Young blowing chorus after chorus with the Count Basie band.During the Summer of 1937, Parker played an extended engagement with a band led by Tommy Douglas and George E. Lee at a resort at Eldon, Missouri. Parker did a considerable amount of woodshedding (to commit serious study or work to a specific task. In Charlie Parker's case, to get down to business and seriously practice his saxophone technique until it was perfect.) with Buster Smith and Gene Ramey during this period and returned to Kansas City a musically changed man.In December, while experimenting with different chord changes on "Cherokee" during a jam session at a chicken shack in Harlem, Parker discovered a fresh approach to improvisation. These changes in the flatted fifth and harmonic substitutions in the chord progressions, advancements that coupled with the emerging sounds of Harlem would later provide the foundation for bebop.

Shaq is clearly an avid student of jazz history.

So is he related to Tony Parker?