Some instructional clip from me

Just check it out. Maybe you like it. For me it works very well:

Take care

Great video, Bjorn!

I have been using the leg transition you started with, but I like some of the follow-ups you show (rolling them over top, or rolling yourself) when you encounter resistance.

Goooooood stuff!


looks great I have never sunk a twister before

thanks for the video

thanks for posting. I've had success with some of that. It's surprising how often that calf crank presents itself.

Great clip. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent work, thank you

great clip.


you made my day:-):-)
Do you know how many people say that to me.:-) ALL the time:-):-):-)

The sitting up idea was new and is something I'll be working on when I get back on the mats....

Very cool stuff

Great video!

Thanks for sharing, I am going to try that!

thanks bro!