Some KOTM results

Here are some of the results from last night in Toowoomba.

Juniors Kickboxing

F1 - Justin Decaux vs James Fisher - I cant remember who won

F2 - Jayden Kuhnemann def Matthew Behrendt dec. (I think)

Juniors MMA

F3 - Brett Ship def Kayden Cockrell by dec. lots of big takedowns by Brett!

MMA 'A' Rules

F4 - C.J vs Paul Beckman - I cant remember

F5 - Michael Mortimer def Will Bidgood dec.

F6 - David Behrendt def Dwayne Ryan tapout from strikes


F7 - Damian Fisher def Nathan decaux (I think)

F8 - Brendon Crones def Jordan Tibble (cant remember how)

F9 - Jason Dix def Shaun Renata K.O.

MMA 'A' Rules

F10 - Jarrod Kath def Trevor Farnell tapout from strikes, excellent Muay Thai clinch work from Jarrod

F11 - Shane Hensley def Ryan Dunstan triangle 1st rnd

F12 - Dylan Mcdonald def Rowan Meredith (Rear naked
choke I think)


F13 - Phill Bass def Troy Jones

F14 - Scratched

F15 - ISKA QLD Feather Weight Title Shane Pearson Def Matt Green dec. great fight

MMA 'A' Rules

F16 - KOTM Light Middle Weight Title Ross McCosker def Takao Kitahira - Takao disqualified for heel hook

F17 - KOTM Light Heavy Weight Title Lenny Kent def Peter Hickmott K.O. after Lenny nearly being disqaulified for striking the back of the head

F18 - KOTM Middle Weight Title Art Murie def Peter Davis Rear naked choke

Plenty of great fights and good night.

Next KOTM Sat 14 Oct 2006

Congrats Art!

And a big congrats to Jayden... WELL DONE!!!!!!!

sounds like a great night!! lots of fights.