Some LOLs from Slayer MMA

I took this video at my last Muay Thai class, I was trying to show him how to use your hips when striking and when I saw the vid I could not stop LOLing, so I added some music. I also posted it on my "I'm building a MMA gym in Iraq" thread, but it’s on the 4th page. So I thought I'd throw it up for more widespread LOLs Here is the link I cant crack the code on embeding, D'oh! 


war ensemble FTW


MentaL -   Vid not loading for me

 Link to youtube; 

i feel kinda bad for laughing but that was funny

crowbar - 

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 Dave Lombardo might possibly be one of the best live drummers ever. 

 LMAO..that last vid.. wow.. I thought the OG was closed today!

 My god this thread hijack!