Some MMA Art

 A buddy of mine that knows I'm interested in MMA told me about a guy he went to college with that is doing some MMA art.  I'm not an artist or art critic, but he isn't all that bad.  He isn't as good as our resident UG pencil artist, but it's better than anything I can do so I appreciate that.  

Check it out.

Most of it is closer to the bottom.

 Those are pretty good since I was able to reconize most of them.. Tell your buddy good job



Yeah Kirik, that was my favorite too.

Looks like you spent three hours on the shading on the upper lip. It's probably the best drawing you've ever done!

Always cool to see MMA art, some real nice stuff there, especially the Bones piece.

Someones a big Felice Herrig fan.


^^What's with the pic of Michael Jordan?  I thought this was MMA related?

 Thanks CJJScout! I appreciate the plug!

Here's the recent article they did over at Iron Forges Iron on my work for those who are interested:

@Kirik, lemme know if you want a print of that Renzo piece. I'd love to send you a signed one if you'd help spread the word about my stuff!

I post pics of my work in progress over on my FB page as well, so people can see the stages I work in.