Some n00b questions...

Okay I've been trying to lose weight for BJJ.

I started dieting and such January 1st, and have since lost about 20-22lbs or so. I have been at this weight for a while and seemed to have plateaued. I was going to work and school 16 hours every day so workouts were sporadic.

Here's generally what I live like.


Either Special K cereal with skim milk, or low sugar oatmeal.

A glass of skim milk and Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey (i realize this is probably the wrong shake for me. i just ran out so need to know what to order.)

1 Flax Oil Cap
1 Multivitamin
5-6 caps Fiber Supplement


1 Apple or
1 Mini-bag of fat free popcorn
A handful of Light Ruffles


Sandwich made with low-fat turkey, sugar free ketchup
fat free cheese, and mustard. About 150 calories or so.


Small dish with brown rice and boneless, skinless chicken breast season in some way.

Dinner (One of these usually)

Chicken Rice and Vermicelli.
Occasional Hamburger helper Chilli made with 99% fat free ground turkey.
Boiled boneless skinless chicken breast.
Subway roasted chicken breast 6" sub.
Sandwich like lunchtime.

Now I have been known to cheat from time to time, but even when I was completely cheat-free I had already plateaued.

As for working out I'm going to BJJ, and working out at the gym. At the gym I do arms + core, or legs + core (I alternate), and then I head upstair and get on the eliptical or treadmill until I tire out.

So I'm aware I could fix things, but I don't have a ton of free time. How could I improve the things I'm doing now?

Thanks for your advice, oh fitness gurus.

Well, depends on how long you've been plateaued. That sometimes happens as your body adjusts to the new weight. Also, how close are you to your suggested bmi? You may have lost enough weight that your calorie levels have reached the level for maintainence. Do you have a estimate on how many calories a day you're eating?

"then I head upstair and get on the eliptical or treadmill until I tire out"

Can you be more specific on your cardio program? Are you doing intervals or using a steady rate and resistance program? How much time do you put into your cardio?

to address the questions..

  1. Dimensions.

5'9" 219 Lbs. Largish Frame.

  1. Plateaued for 4 months I'd guess

  2. BMI Index...According to a internet calculator 32.3 when i should be at 24.9 max. So pretty awful.

  3. Calories per day. Special K + milk + 150 cals from sandwich + apple + maybe 70-120 cals in snacks twice per day + 300-500 for dinner.

  4. Cardio program - well since school has dropped out of my time and I now can focus on exercise more. Right now it's looking at a couple of MMA/BJJ classes per week, weightlifting/cardio twice per week, perhaps swimming laps once per week. Actual cardio...I get on one of those nice elipticals that start with a 'P' and have the cross ramp options. I then tell it to give me a 20 minute full body workout and I up the resistance to somewhere around 8-10 and I use the arms of the eliptical the whole 20 minutes and I do a 5 minute cooldown, and then stretch.

Well MTG doing both of those as best as I can.

I still need help on a shake to have every morning with my Special K. Or perhaps a good shake to replace my special K entirely?

help me!

How do you feel about adjusting your cardio routine? Do you have access to a bicycle "spin" class? I have found spin classes to be very fun and demanding. You may want to ask yourself why you are doing cardio and then do some research to determine what type of cardio program would be best for you. I prefer interval programs and I like to change my cardio equipment on a regualr basis. I found those factors help to keep things fresh. Do you have enough energy to go more than 20 minutes on the elliptical? If so, then I would start adding some more time. I like to heart rate train myself. It usually takes 5 minutes to get my heart into the zone I like to train at. I start my countdown watch once I get into the zone.

Increase workout intensity.

Yeah, you might also add to the amount of time your on cardio, like 30 to 40 minutes.

really? damn that's a long time at the gym. well i'll increase the intensity by upping the resistance and adding 10 minutes more.

I've used to log my calories and plan out the next day's meals - stops you from cheating if you've got everything laid out like that.

I'm around 315 right now but was 360+ only 3 months ago

MTG is correct when I was dropping weight for a fight last time..I did it myself...and lost to much to quickly. This time I'm working with a nutrionlist.

For the ammount of working out you do...strength training,cardio, and'd be surprised how many calories you need at your weight. Really dropping below 2,000 a day is dangerous...unless you got a couple days to make weight.