Some no good cocksucker stole my boys bike

Sad day boys. I hate thieves. These bastards should be hungby their necks like it’s a old cowboy movie. I have zero respect at all for a thief.

Some queer stole my boys bike. He just got it for Christmas and he loved that thing so much. He called me and I could tell he had been crying. I asked him what was up and he told me.

First I told him not to cry because hes not a girl. And now like the dutiful soldier I am, I’m looking for an even cooler bike for him to ride without a helmet.


How and where was it stolen?

His mom told me they park the bikes on the back porch. I guess it was just sitting there and someone hopped the fence and got it.

Thank God you put a tile on it so you can trace it ,get it back , beat up the thieves, not like those fag dads that were to cheap ,America

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Spotted the guy who defends thievery and blames it on the loving father instead!

Damn that sucks. So someone was on your property too which makes it even more annoying

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Someone stole my Haro Group 1SI I got for Christmas. It crushed me. I got a Redline to replace it and what a downgrade. Later I found out who did it. He was a kid I liked and was nice to me. He moved away later. It stung when I found out and if I ever see him again I am going to choke the shit out of him.

I hope you see that little fucker riding it around and beat him up and take it back. And then secretly follow him back home and come back in the middle of the night and rape his family.


A tile ,a tracer , trace with cellphone , mostly kidding about the fagdad

It was at his moms house. I live like 2.5 hours away. I sent it up there though because he is there more often so I thought he’d get to use it more. His bike at my house is still here. But it’s way less cool that the stolen bike.

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So the story changes! Tell me something gaywad… where were you the night before last?! Any witnesses to confirm?

Jesus. I love how bad you are. But I would never follow your advice lol.

Well handled

Something something your mom


Now when you say he’s a “no good cocksucker”, what was the problem - teeth?


Thank you! I’m trying.

How old is kirik III?

Had my Hutch stolen as a kid. Heartbreaking…

Buy the kid a lock, get a tile and put a camera on your porch before you get the next bike. Society is falling fast, you need to be ready for when they come for his new bike.

Go pull your old one out of the lake.