Some no good cocksucker stole my boys bike

Sorry KJr and KJ III… Beat some ass when you find em…

Jinx is back posting on the OG. I would start there

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Really? I havent seen him! Wheres he at?

Oh you think you’re funny?! See how funny you are when I hold you upside down and shake you until your milk money falls put of your pockets!

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That really sucks man. Nothing lower than a thief, especially one that steals little kids bikes.

They’re up in your neck of the woods Jed! What kind of dog and pony show are you running up there?!

Sorry KJ. Yep, we got some real scumbags around here.

Anyways, I think I’m gonna get him a bike that looks like a motorcycle. Hes always pretending hes riding a motorcycle anyways.

Check your local coyote rescue thread

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So my daughter went to an all black kindergarten in the shitty ghetto in Denver when I was going to school. I took the kids to school on their bikes and my wife picked them up. Of course her lazy ass drove down there rather than walked and forgot to get the bike. I showed up the next morning and these two little black girls around 7 yrs old we’re smashing the lock on my daughters bike with a rock trying to steal it. I’m not going to start slapping 7 yr old girls around so I asked them where their parents were because that was my daughters bike. They still had shame at that age because they had not yet been indoctrination into black American ghetto culture yet so they apologized and told me my daughters bike looked pretty and they wanted it. Lol I told them stealing was wrong and they needed to go home and took it back to my house


Don’t know if it’s been said, but probably saw him riding without a helmet. Took it for safety sake.


Good save pops! 10 more minutes and them little shits probably would have had it!

@Paramount_Donkey definitely would have beat the shit out of those kids. But I’m glad you didnt!

Hell yes he dont wear a helmet. Helmets are for the weak and untalented. my boy is awesome! He can do tons of awesome shit. Including riding a bike without somehow landing on his head like a idiot.

Dude… Check your email lol. I’ve got a package sitting here for you.

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Sorry to read this KJ.

Thieves are scum.

Fuck them all.
season 20 20x1 GIF by South Park


Yes sir. I agree. They suck big donkey dicks until completion.

But I try to be a positive man. So I’m over it. I’m viewing it as a chance for pops to save the day! I’ll handle this and build up more cool dad points with K3.

I’m not seeing anything in my e-mail ?

Found it. Nice !!!. For some reason it was in my junk folder when everything else Bushkill is in my regular Inbox… Address sent.


Alto, $50 if you mail him a turd.


I’m going to drive a turd to you…on K3 's bike…Buhahahahahaha…