Some of my "art"...

My first character animation. It's 7MB I think(?).

that made absolutely no sense.

good stuff, but no sense at all.

Male lizard sees female lizard sunbathing, as lizards do, lizard runs down in front of her and tries to impress her with dancing and shenanigans. She is not impressed, he sings Styx's lady and in the middle of it, a bird snatches him up.

it looked like a giant hand swooped up and took him, which is what confused the hell out of me.

bird makes more sense.

that was cool as sh*t!!!

Very funny!

Yeah Rob, I did the bird too fast.

I actually LOL'd as the microphone sssslllloooowwwlllyyyy lowers during the piano intro of Lady.

Very nice :)

I liked it, although I confused the bird with a hand. It actually made my laugh out loud.

That was great! what kind of software did you use to make that?

Thanks guys.

I used 3D studio max for that one.