Some of my posters and programs

Nice collection!

Very nice, arias! I like the ROTR 4 poster. Do you know if those are available anywhere for sale?

I dont know bro.....I got these from people who went to the events..

Arias you may have the most respectable collection of MMA stuff around.

thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! lol

Those are the gheyest Reeboks eva.

lol. those are my wife's

ttt for arias' gay reebok's!

a must have for any mma collector!

Sure they are.

ok...there not hers...there Ully's...

they have pink in them!

good start!


U U doesn't sport anything less than $150.00 Shox. That cat represents.

when he was at GQ in NJ he had slippers....

Flea market style...I told him that Addidas doesnt have 4 stripes

That's the G shit. IT's a black thing, you wouldn't understand