Some old Submission Pictures

I hope these work.Ray Steele, one of my favorites. He has a footlock which attacks same side (right on right for instance, instead of right on left as is more common.) This basic hold (without stepping over) can be used to attack a turtled opponent, just control the near leg so he can't roll out. Be Carefull, this is a very nasty hold.

Shades of Sakuraba ;)

Anybody notice anything about the grip and the angle?

The famous Joe Stecher scissors.

Henri Deglane with a toehold that can be obtained from a farside cradle if your man crosses his ankle to power out as some will. It works best if you go to knee in stomach.

Looks like they're down right now...they were working earlier? The site is probably having problems as they often do....I'll leave they up awhile and see what happens.

Well they're up again...for now.

Cool pics.

Are these Catch-as-catch can pics?


Einar, the people executing the holds are all CACC legends, Steele and Stecher are almost always listed among the top CACC "hookers". There is some debate among "experts" as to Jimmy Londos, but Lou Thesz described him as a "dangerous hooker" and he served as Steele's trainer for a "shoot" match with Ed Lewis. Deglane was an olympic champion before turning pro I believe. He would be the only one not often listed as a "hooker". I have seen a large number of training photos from Deglane and I have to say that he had a large arsenal of submission holds.

"Modern Wrestling" by Curley & Fleischer, I do have the book but I don't have a scanner...I pulled these from a website.

True, there are work holds in the book too. Why would I post them?

However the two examples given (hitchlock and flying mare) although perhaps not shown correctly here are/were usefull holds. In fact legendary coach E.C. Gallagher complained in his 1939 instructional that he was having a hard time getting his international teams to stop giving up the hitchlock by going for the body lock. Frank Gotch said that the flying mare had resulted in more ring deaths than any other move. It's just a shoulder big deal. The head throw variation is usefull on the ground at times, in fact I believe Uno tried it against Penn on the ground.

A couple more including the step over toehold.

I posted some on the Cosneck thread too.

Great stuff, Scuffler.

That's from the French gallery right? I think I have that linked from my website. It'd take years to go through all those pics.


In olympic coach Henry Stone's '39 instructional it is called a double elbow and sit-back.

"It's a great favorite of Greco-Roman wrestlers. As your opponent forces into you, gets his arms inside of yours, and trys for the double body hold, lock both of your arms around his from the outside. Get him as high up above the elbows as possible. Jump in and sit-back as described in the preceeding hold, but finish the hold in this case by swing astride your man."

You can also created a submission from mount when the bottom man is hugging your body and burying his head to prevent being struck. Get the hold tight with your fist in the solar-plexus and move out to a side sit-out bearing all your weight on him with his arms still trapped. It is very painfull for him and he cannot inhale. This takes some practice to get right.

Luke Beston/Redneck says: These are obviously fakes...

*LOL* Great stuff man, keep posting more!

Ya see that's old school, they don't do it like that anymore.

Cool pix!

I'd like to see that sometime, Mark!


Shane, you can come by and checkout my book collection anytime. I have one by coach Henry Stone from '39 that is just awesome.

I do like the 10 finger neck crank londos is using.Its funny to me people think locks like these wont work in matches when the fault is usually in thier technique when appling them.Mark, i got the gym finished you and "the hook" should drop in soon.