Some pics from Mirko's arrival

You can find the pics from Mirko's arrival to Tokyo here.
The Japanese press and supporters on the airport were surprised by Mirko's weight as he weights no more then 100 kg.

Those look like surveillance camera pics.

The pics are taken by a fan from Japan.

LOL@ Mirko looking at the photographer, you know he was calculating whether he could shoot the guy before anyone noticed.

From: attjack

"Those look like surveillance camera pics."

or a stalker.

100 kg`s? Is that not normal for him?

How much more does he usually weigh?

Maybe he feels he needs to be light on his feet against a smaller fighter fighter like Minowa .


hey slaven,it's doug,how's it going?i just wanted to thank you once again for everything,we really enjoyed our trip to croatia,it's really a beautiful country...the K1 and MMA shows were great,i think croatia has real potential to have big MMA shows and put out many more great fighters...look me up when you come to the states.....

Hi Doug, no problem mate!

I'm glad that you really enjoyed your time here. Best regards to you and your wife!