Some Pictures From Cambodia

Hey Underground I am in Cambodia right now. Awesome trip to Asia. I have been to Japan and Philippines so far. Now I am in Phnom Penh in Cambodia checking out their kickboxing show. I am off to Thailand next (Bangkok, Pattaya and Chaing Mai) and will take some photos and video there too. I will put some video up from all the places when I get back to the States.

Here are some photos from Cambodia:

Those are communist red x's LOL


He was no match for my AK47!!I also blew up a small tree with a grenade and fired the Colt 45 - 16 times. I wanted to shoot the $100 and $200 weapons but didn't want to spend that much money.

School turned into a prison and torture camp by the Khmer regime.Typical pictures of Cambodia

was that the event where that kid died?

Ok gotta go. I will post more when I get in Thailand!

The pics are from last night and this morning. Actually, it was very safe and the corners really knew what they were doing. It was fun and I won a total of $4.50 US by betting the locals during the fights.


you passed up the anitaircraft weapon??? What do they sue as targets for that?

Johnny !!!

I've tried to e-mail you more than 10x, and you never replied me. I know why, you're traveling. Hey ma', what're 'u doing ?

I've emailed yuo as well. When do you get back? Awsome trip you're doing!

LOL at Johnny "the redneck" Walls shooting anything other than his pappy's old muzzle loader . Your probably right at hime not having to wear shoes .

All kidding aside be carefull overseas Johnny . Give me a call when you get back .


awesome pictures man!