Some Pictures From Cambodia

lol @ selling beer at the shooting range.


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Johnny !!!

I've tried to e-mail you more than 10x, and you never replied me. I know why, you're traveling. Hey ma', what're 'u doing ?

Awesome pics, Johnny.

bad ass

Cool pics...thanks!


ttt for Johnny

Denis, it is good to hear from you. I will send you an email as soon as I return in 10 days.

Internet is very slow here. Like 10 people on a 56k connection LOL. But I gotta have my no matter where in the world I am at!

Randy, you should not make fun of people who have access to grenades and anti aircraft weapons LOL. Actually I think I may go back and shoot one of those things. That place scared me a little becasue if something would have blown up in my hand they probably would have just buried me there and no one would have ever known.

Some of the potheads on the forum would love it here. The have bags of Marijuana that looks like Bonsai trees for about $4 US. The pharmacies don't require prescriptions and you can just walk in and get whatever you want.

I have had no problems except yesterday I had to drag a 10 year old boy down on the ground. I was in some area with a bunch of starving kids and a 8-10 year old naked boy holding a skinny baby started scratching me asking for $1 and when I gave him a dollar to leave me alone about 6 other boys started punching me in my stomach because they wanted money! I grabbed one by the arm and dragged him to the ground, and pulled myhand back like I would backhand him and screamed NO! STOP! and they got scared and ran away. They were just hungry though. It is very very sad actually.

Thank goodness they stopped because after eveything I've done with MMA it would have sucked to come on here and say that I got my butt kicked by 10 year old naked boys LOL

great photos!

They just wanted "yum yum"

"Some of the potheads on the forum would love it here. The have bags of Marijuana that looks like Bonsai trees for about $4 US. The pharmacies don't require prescriptions and you can just walk in and get whatever you want."

Eddie and Joe are buying plane tickets as we speak (lol) .


"School turned into a prison and torture camp by the Khmer regime."

Khmer isnt a regime. Khmer is the name for indigenous ethnical/cultural group in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge is the political party which killed most of the countries population during the mid to late 1970's. Just wanted to point that out.


ptm2020: You are correct. I have learned a lesson for sure.

FiatLux: I bought a book about all of that. I still don't understand it all so reading the book on the flight back will help it make sense. I didn't know but they had coup attempts at the airport here as recent as 1997.

SouthCarolina: Yeah, I think all third world countries have problems like that. The story was actually about a year old though. The areas where the child prostituion was occuring have been shut down. Actually, the government would probably have let it continue, but there was some major funding that was about to pulled from the country by the UN and other countries if it wasn't stopped so it has been stopped (or at least not as easily accessible).

It is funny though but sometimes whenever I finish eating somewhere the shop owner will send his daughter out (not a kid but like a 18-22 year old) and she will be grinning and bringing me some dessert or fruit and he will introduce her and say "Here is my daughter, she bring you free fruit and dessert - she is good company" and she will be giggling and stuff. I always tell them thanks but I am very tired and going back to the hotel to go to sleep. That seems to work pretty good. There are some streets where 20 or 30 women will literally run out of houses after you. I have a great driver though and he has been very good - keeping me safe and explaining everything and taking me on great siteseeing trips and deep into the countrysides.

"Bangkok Thailand is the prostitution capitol of the world and the HIV rate is through the roof."

There are different versions about whether the HIV rate here is really any higher than other parts of the world. The women are beautiful in Thailand. I do hit the go-go bars and look at them (just like I do in the US strip clubs) but I don't take any with me. My wife joins me in Bangkok in a few days and will be with me for the last week and a half of my trip so I won't have that problem LOL

The funniest thing is watching newbie Americans in Bangkok that don't know what a katoey is. They will be in a bar and a ladyboy will take the stage and they will be talking to each other and talking about how hot "she" is. I would love to see their faces when she takes her clothes off in the hotel!

I was fixin' to say,I'd have bought a few hand grenades for fun little momentos! ...and Thailand next,I'm envious!


look at those cute kids fight

Very Cool !