Some poetry by my friends and I

Sometimes I think about stuff and shit,

and some of the shit I think is like totally smart.

And then, I'm like "Fuck! I'm SO the man"....

and you know fucking what?

People don't give me my props because not only am I deep as shit...I'm fly.

Fly Skimmy.

Dinosaurs of sorrow:

Yucatan peninsula - why?

Why such a big-assed asteroid?

Why not a chicken-sized asteroid?

I would love it if I were a part evolved dinosaur with a mother-fucking dimetrodon fin on my back.

That would rock.

But instead,

The fossils weep minerally tears of weepy weepiness.

Written by Jenny:

"Yes, fly, Skimmy, fly --

To a faraway magical land

Where little innocent cutie cows

Do not end their days

Accompanied by special sauce

Lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions

On a sesame seed bun.

Fly away, Skimmy

To a faraway magical land

Where people are so goddamned dumb

That they've no choice but to bend

To your will, and will happily while

Away the days, carving surfboards

And puzzling over just what the hell

All those tattoos really mean

(Even though, like I said

They're so goddamned dumb

That such enlightenment is beyond them.)

Then grab all those surfboards

And fly out of there, before you become

Discouraged by ignorance, though it may be bliss

Sell the surfboards to finance your rise to stardom

And/or sleep your way to the top, if you've no other recourse.

Then, and only then, I fear

Will you get the props you so rightfully deserve

At which point, you may retire

And devote your life to your true calling –

Thinking about stuff and shit.

And um...flying."

More from Jenny:

"My dark Vampyre (note the Y) love,

because you are the very air that I breathe

your ambiguity suffocates me.

I am as a flower in the depths of winter --

instead of beauty to direct its light to

the heart hardens like the frozen world

your indifference has banished me to.

(Except, being all goth, and whatnot, I hate flowers and sunshine)

I shun the sun – yet I worship you,

so your dismissal burns me to the very depths of my soul,

like the hateful rays that scorch my deathly pale skin

when I fail to wear sunglasses, sunscreen,

or properly cloak myself in the color of the night.

I beg of you – please...

Turn away from the pages of colorfully dressed whores

with spikety hair, and see me.

You are dark masculinity defined --

enigmatic irresistibility in a Home Depot apron

So tell me how it is possible

That I would lose you to seductive marketing?

I throw myself at your feet --

With my last breath I curse

the Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs

and laugh at fate's cruel discourse.

Love was not my intent.

All those who would follow in my footsteps

hear me and be warned --

my desire for a new kitchen faucet

was my undoing


drip, drip, drip



More from Jenny - My personal fave:

The question demands

An answer, yet who can explain

Why the Forces of Evil

Are banished to MSN chatrooms?

Here a goth, there a goth

Everywhere a goth, goth

When acceptance depends

Upon the entrance you make

Man, you better think of something good

It better have something to do with blood

Or suicide

Or bloody, bloody suicide.

It also does not hurt to mention

That time you sacrificed your grandma's cat, Fluffy

To the Dark Prince of Hell

Do not smile

For the love of all things Unholy...

Do not smile.

Don't you DARE use those little smiley icons


You are an outcast, a loner, a rebel soul

Shunned by society

You must channel your frustration

With your mom, for not making you a grilled cheese

With your tomato soup

Into a bloodthirsty satanic vow of vengeance

Upon all those who serve the Light

You must wear black

No, you must BECOME black

Black clothes, black shoes

Black hair, black eyeliner

Lots and lots of black eyeliner

And denounce the previously hailed Ozzy

As a fraud, 'cause a true servant

Of Satan would never show his face on MTV

Except for Marilyn Manson

Remember these things,

And you will be accepted – nay, embraced

By the online communities of the debil

Until such time you are unleashed

And permitted to reign forevermore


I crouch all low, like a stingray

I sling rays

Of hope

To the kids in the projects

With conjunctivitis

They try to hide us

In a dope ass shoebox

Mostly filled wit crack rocks

And they seal it shut

With their big bucks

But you know what?

You can sick my duck!

While you got your blingage

I've got my stingage!

Like I said earlier

In the know

Like, when I started talking...just was like the! Fifth word I said. Stingray! I'm like a stingray. I mean, it could be the fifth and sixth words, but technically I think it's a "compound"


I've got my stingage!

Not a straight edge

I've got to give Ian MacKaye mad props

But this mutherfucker likes 'a get all fucked up with cough drops!

Shit fool!

Give me a bottle of Robo and I'll just take one sip

Next thing you know I be having a conniption fit!

I start busting CAPS dog!

Bottle caps! By Willy Wonka!

Straight in my mouth!

Like I'm some kind of crazy ass mouse!


I wish I hadn't a had to kill that mouse

But he bit me hard

And it scarred

My 4 year old ass was living without strife

And that mouse had to fuck up my life


I got to crouch low like a stingray


Y'all been shitbombed

Pretentious style


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Some more Goth Poetry by Jenny:

I have arrived!

The place --

Nightfyres of SilkyMist

Why not Nyghtfyres?

AngelWhisperSpellmaker pouts @ Bloodwrrior


Surely you jest, madame

"Whisper" out a spell and....ABRACADABRA

That'll learn him.

I cannot stay – if this be a place where Angels are permitted

It's not "Evyl" enough for me.

The next place

Deathstalker Castle

Standing mighty and proud

Magnificent and forever

Mmhmm. This'll do

I must make an entrance

But who is worthy of such an entrance as I would make?

I bow to no one but the Dark Lord himself!

CrustedBloodRose lays on the lake



Oops, I have been warned.

Methinks they do not know who they trifle with

How is it, I wonder, that these women

Are always putting themselves in situations

That require rescue?

I am not convinced

That Moonsilencer and DeathDarkHeart

Or any of the other ambiguously male screennames

Are going to save her.

Heeeeyyy!!! What's this?

A creature?


(You blend right in when you say 'Aye')

It yawns and paces a bit and extends its black wings out

How did I know they would be black?

No one knows how I knew

Or if they did, they will not say

Ah, well – I suppose that's for the best

The creature is thirsty, it informs us.

Also that "It" is a "She"

She raises her noble head and looks at some guy

Whose name is a mystery as it's comprised of a bunch of symbols

Her ice blue eyes show she is human within...


Somebody get this thing some water!

Symbol guy nods some as he closes his eyes

and starts to mumble arcane words

the gem atop his staff pulsing and then stopping

as he holds in his one hand a bowl of iced water

Wowee wow wow!

The creature purrs deeply as she looks at the bowl of water in his hands

she begins to drink from it before he has a chance to place it on the floor

It appears the creature is feeling somewhat frisky

We should probably sacrifice it before someone gets hurt.

You have been kicked out of the chat room by Host Ð?????•Ð??t??t?l???.


wow, thats some good stuff, post more!

Yes. Observe the dark side, but be not of it.

Stingray and Dinosaurs of Sorrow - beautiful.

more "art":

The beach. Unparalleled tranquility.

Nobody awake but me before 6:00 a.m.

Guess that means it's mine.

Good. I hate sharing.

While staring across the vast expanse of not really blue water

I feel an inexplicable spiritual affinity --

not unlike Moses must have felt on that mountain or whatever.

As I smoosh a little crab thing (trying to get me) to death

with some kid's forgotten Barbie shovel

I make a silent vow to the gods to visit a similar fate

upon those who would intrude upon my peace.

After returning home, I am sad.

I try to recreate my spiritual haven on the sidewalk

But the blue Lego block bucket full of water isn't the same.

People keep asking me what I'm doing, like it's not obvious.

Fools. They don't "get" it.

If this sidewalk were mine, I would fulfill my vow

with the (not really stolen as it was on my beach) shovel

The presence of others, however, suggests that it is not.

I secure the area as best I can with a Lego block fence and hateful looks,

and fondly revisit the anxious moments I spent in the water

wondering what it would be like to have half my leg bitten off by a shark.

Actually, not really half, more like a big chunk, with teeth marks and everything -

maybe a tooth still stuck in there that I could turn into a necklace...

Could they fill the hole in my leg in with something?

What - plastic?

I do not know. All I know for certain,

as I release the seagulls from the trunk of my car

is this: I am no longer at peace.

Sonnet (edited/abridged)

No fireworks, flowers -- no butterflies,

no sunshine and rainbows find us --

far more sublime than all of those things:

The unspeakable hate that binds us.

Sonnet is awesome Jenny.

So is The Beach.

the beach=my favorite.