Some posters I'm looking for...

I've been looking for some posters idk how rare they are or what they're worth but I'm on the hunt for:

WFA king of the streets poster
UFC 57 poster
Any Icon or superbrawl poster with mayhem (especially Mayhem/Lawler)
IFC global domination poster (babalu, Forrest, horn, shogun etc)

Any additional info on these items would be great, thanks guys

 You can find two of the posters on your list on ebay right now..... Do you have an account?

IFC Global didnt have full size posters, they had minis and I think there might have been some 11x17 posters.

I have a mini Ill sell for $20 shipped

Which ones are on eBay. I made an account years ago but I have no idea what my password Is but I'm sure they have a forgot password program. Phone Post

The IFC one has been on eBay for a while I think it's signed by shogun Phone Post

There are a couple different WFA posters (on ebay once in a while)

ICON / SUperbrawl is on ebay once in a while, the lawler/Mayhem was just on there less then a month ago

UFC 57 shows up once in a while, Check UFC store, it is one that they reprint for the store now and again

IFC - 11x17's are on ebay, the only problem with most IFC 11x17 posters is that they are color copies, not glossy like UFC posters.

The IFC minis 9x11 are glossy like normal posters.

$38 & $50 on ebay for 11x17
Like I said Ill sell a 9x11 for $20 shipped

In all these posters are out there and pretty easily obtainable

Oh that's good to know. I still can't seem to find a 57 for the life of me. And with the IFC, by color copy do u mean they're fake? Or is that just the way they came? U don't have an 11x17 available? Phone Post

And how rare is the that WFA poster? (bas, rampage, lindland, mayhem, Lyoto) ive never seen that one either. Only programs. Did they even release posters for that? Haha Phone Post

I dont have a 11x17, and by judging from all the IFC posters I bought from Paul Smith back in the day 95% of the posters were color copies, like he had them make at kinkos.

Do I think the ones on ebay are fake? NO, but i think they could easily be photo copied and not be able to tell. If you look at the ones on ebay you will see they have a white border, like most photo copied posters would.

And as for the WFA posters, there are a couple different versions. I dont think they sold them at the event if I remember right. I think all i bought were programs and I would have bought posters if they had them. THe programs did however have a poster in it.

And I think that around LA they had the Rampage-Lindland & Bas posters hanging, I think there were 4 total versions of hte poster. has the Rampage - Lindland poster for $100 or so I think

Shit that's kind of a disappointment. But ya I just checked mmacollector and all they have is the program. I went to this event with my dad so I'd love to get a poster for my home bar. Does anyone out there know how I can obtain one of these posters??? Phone Post


Oh wow I've been through there poster section a dozen times and never seen that. Phone Post

i have a ufc 57 poster i cud be persuaded to part with pm me Phone Post

I can't pm from my phone. Can u please email me? Phone Post

I got a UFC 57 pass and UFC 57 program for sale email: