Some posters & programs on ebay

 Hello. Just a note that I put up a few items on Ebay. Some old posters I don't have room for anymore. I thought I would give the UG a heads up.

Sorry I have been away for awhile. Mostly just been visiting without commenting.

I know I was to give my thoughts on the restart of XArm promotion. It was certainly exciting and I'm glad I could be a small part of what Art Davie was doing. I love that man. I went to the shooting of the first xArm promo but there really wasn't any money involved so I couldnt be taking punches for no money. I don't see it going anywhere without financial incentives for the competitors. Arm wrestling is not a sport to make money in. Also, the rules were confusing for the average spectator.

I wish Art success.

Looking forward to UFC Toronto again. We should have an Underground party. I'm off to a sleep clinic in Toronto after I pick up my mom from the airport. All the best,...

 TTT 4 Big Daddy!!! 


WAIT!!! That sounded ummm not right.. lol

TTT 4 Mr Goodridge

 lol Thanks RickStorm. Until Tito

ttt cool stuff

 That's a shame, Gary. It seems like you'd be unstoppable in Xarm.


How long was your screen name bet anyway?

You have been the sofa king for to long.


 ttt That is so cool !!! The first pic is too blurry to read what fight is it??