Some pugilism from Hope's method

Based on the writings of Sir William Hope, a Scottish fencing master who lived from 1660-1774.

Looks like wing chun

Thanks Stickgrappler.

The similarity to wing chun is what jumped out at me as well. When I have a little more time I plan on looking over some of Hope's writings to see how well this video matches up with his lessons.

At a guess i'd say the person doing the demonstration has a background in Wing Chun and is feeding that into Hope's instructions.

I haven't specifically read Hope, but i've read a fair deal from other authors on bareknuckle fighting in the 17th and 18th centuries. The blocks he's showing look accurate, and the 3 knuckle landing as well. However the way he rolls his punches up the middle and swaps his hands around whilst touching his opponent (trapping) are not supported in the stuff i've read.

Keith Meyers' rep in the WMA circles precedes him. Although I've not read Hope, I'm guessing KM has legitimately tried to interpret and reconstruct best to his ability from Hope's text Hope's methods.

I DK KM's background so there may or may not be WCK in it that is seeping through.

I'm with Martin, it IS cool to see stuff similar from diverse cultures. After all, we are all Human and have 2 arms and 2 legs and a certain Range of Motion.

Interesting stuff. I always find this sort of thing fascinating Phone Post 3.0