Some rare Igor fights (vids)



any updates on what Igor is doing now?



People just don't realize what a freakin Monster Igor was back in the day.

He would go real Vale Tudo without even blinking an eye.

So that's the infamous chin to the eye match, I've heard about that match for years.

Who was the guy that beat him he was a monster

k11abee- I'm uploading that right now.

good job master shake. illoukine is the dude who subbed igor, randy couture, & almost quinton jackson

by chance, do you have the 1st nick nutter fight? those reverse headbutts are slick

Even though he hasn't fought in a few years, Igor is still my favorite fighter of all time. He was an absolute beast who had the skill to beat just about anyone.

I think the reason Igor had occasional problems was that he wasn't really a heavyweight at all - in fact I think he would still be considered on the small side for a light HW. That said, Igor was simply a great fighter who willed his way through fights.

In Mark Kerr's documentary, when he is talking about Igor before his fight, he says that the guy he is fighting "is just a strong puncher" - which is complete bullshit. Igor was a nearly complete fighter with great ground skills.

Anyone who doubts---watch his fight with Enson.

NiteProwler- Here's the whole event with the fight. (Note: I did not upload this. The credit goes to sekret from k1 fans forums)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Showed how fucked BJJ was if the tds werent good enough.

IMO Fedor is like a bigger, better rounded version of Igor V and the materialization of the early russian judo/sambo/mt prototype that Igor Z showed.

"illoukine is the dude who subbed igor, randy couture, & almost quinton jackson"

Illoukhine was also the dude that rampage had quite a blast with in trying to pronounce his name.

His sub over Randy was also the infamous one where he sinked a kimura attempt (iirc) way deeper after a restart.

LOL at the 2nd clip where the guy attack Igor just flailing away and Igor just times one powerhouse right hand that takes him out cold.



Ogor is STILL my all time favorite fighter. Just a badass.

Was he really a collector/enforcer for the Russian Mob? Great story even if he wasn't!