Some scientists think the universe is a conscious

Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious

Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious

Sounds like a bad trip … but what if it’s true?

By Caroline Delbert

JUN 10, 2021


  • Is the universe a conscious being, like a gigantic widely dispersed human brain?
  • Scientists have long questioned how consciousness and science mix.
  • Two mathematicians have turned one theoryinto a crunchable math model.

In upcoming research, scientists will attempt to show the universe has consciousness. Yes, really. No matter the outcome, we’ll soon learn more about what it means to be conscious—and which objects around us might have a mind of their own.


Does the OG have a conscious?

After 20 years of empirical research… No.

Recently it’s been diagnosed with cancer.
Terminal… Hard to say.

If nothing else, you could argue that the universe has achieved self awareness through human consciousness.

But I guess that’s not their point.

I think you need Webster’s

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This interests me, thanks OP. I’m a Pantheist. I believe that the large scale structure of the universe is something we may never fully understand and that the true nature of the universe may be something we couldn’t possibly comprehend.


This shit will break a man if he thinks too hard about it.

My dog doesn’t question her existence, she just is.

Older I get the more I think that’s the move.