Some stuff going on (more great news)

Hi my friends, I just wanted to tell you some news that my good friend Bob Sapp is still giving back. You might remember that when he fought awhile back he made the promotion send me some money too.

i will post more details when I know them but he will be selling towels at the Tapout gym in Los Angeles with a portion going to help out yours truly with some medications and therapy expenses for brain damage. Then it will switch to another fighter and cause in a few months and maybe selling some other things. I will post when they are able to be bought online. Bob wants to give back to the sport that gave him so much and is working on getting other companies to help donate some proceeds to help out people with injuries. bob has been very generous to me and his heart is bigger than he is. He hasn't forgotten an old guy like me and he should be recognized somehow for how much he cares.

I will let you all know more when I do. Enjoy the scraps this weekend. I'm off to train some fighters Phone Post

Sweet Gary. If you haven't already, buy Gary's book NOW, he will personalize it

Crooklyn - 

That's awesome Gary. Hope everything continues to go your way. Big love to ya.

Stamp that.

You are the man Gary.

Ttt Phone Post


Good luck, and kudos for Sapp for helping out.

Hi Gary!
Your signed book sits on my desk.
Wishing you the best, and a merry Christmas! Phone Post

BIG DADDY! I still show all new mma fans your highlights....

TTT Phone Post

ttt for Big Daddy and The Beast

Good to hear (read). Phone Post


Thanks everyone. Bob Sapp is a great man Phone Post

I'm gonna need to get another book lol I loaned mine out about 6 months ago and haven't got it back Phone Post