some thoughts on the LOOTING

if the protests were calm quiet affairs would there be any significant change observed?  Or is it a case that such a strong expression will more likely result in social change such as a reduction in Sheriff Johning Bully COPing?  

and ATTN Bernie Sanders and AOC:  are the TOO BIG TO FAILS scheming their Corrupt Capitalsim mechaniations to CAPITALIZE on this whole affair?  It's not hard to see how this whole LOCKDOWN/RIOTING could work out very well for AMAZON and the smart-phone industry like APPLE?

and not only will the TOO BIG TO FAILS profit from a PICK-UP in online shopping.....I'm CERTAIN they will also PROFIT from any LOOTING damages incurred 

93% of your post is nonsense. 

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Al Cappucino - 

93% of your post is nonsense. 

so what you are saying is that you really can't argue against it and that I am on to something here.

I'll just go ahead and record this in the notebook as another BIG WIN!

Significant change? The riots will have no affect on people committing crimes, it will have no effect on people resisting arrest, if people would simply quit doing those to things, there would be no problem with interactions with police.

If peaceful protests don’t work then you give up or continue protesting peacefully, run for office, lobby the government, etc.

That’s how we do it in a first world democratic republic.

The only change being observed is people losing their businesses and in the worst cases their lives.


Protests and looting are two separate “affairs”.

I just took a stroll over to BI to scan the daily headlines and in related news I found THIS which has CONFIRMED my suspicions about CORRUPT CAPITALISM and ALL THIS is CONNECTED:

Amazon added the ex-NSA spy chief who presided over the Edward Snowden scandal to its board-----



"These charts show how Amazon's ad business could surge even higher thanks to its pandemic-fueled rise in grocery and household sales"------


Amazon sellers are charging up to 14 times more than other retailers for pandemic essentials such as hand soap, according to this price gouging report-----

At least those Commie Scandies get Healthcare/Education HIGH-RANKING QUALITY OF LIFE while USA gets Medical BANKRUPTCY and PSY-OPS MARKETING FLIM-FLAM addiction!


hopefully these BOLD protests will lead to some CHANGE for the BETTER

Al Cappucino -

93% of your post is nonsense. 

Everything EXCEPT the parts THAT are in all CAPS

No change would happen because there's no real problem to solve.

These protests have no logical reason.