A big congratulations to the Carlson Gracie Team and Miguel Torres' Academy for a victorious night at Total Fight Challenge.

Mark Allen vs Dan Ruzika - Mark Allen by decision Rd. 2

Mark improves his record to 4-1 after a unanimous decision victory over Dan Ruzika.  Mark's stand up game really cam into play in this fight as he out struck Dan in both rounds.  Mark, a Golden Gloves champ instructed by Jeff Neal and Joe Kahn (SP?) only took the fight to the ground once in the 1st round but left the 2nd round completely on his feet convincingly winning the decision.  Congratulations to both fighters for a tremendous fight.

Giovani Fosko vs Tim Nevinger - Tim Nevinger by TKO/Ref. Stopage Rd.1

Tim Nevinger made his 1st MMA fight a memorable one for the entire crowd.  After getting gently tagged once or twice by his opponent in the opening moments of the 1st round, Tim quickly closed the gap and slammed his opponent hard on the mat.  After taking his time holding a strong side control, Tim took the mount.  Shortly after taking the mount Tim unloaded 260 some pounds into Giovani's face.  A very late referee stoppage into the 1st round made for the bloodiest fight of the evening as Giovani left the ring severely bleeding from his head.  A BIG congratulations to Tim.  We are very proud of him.

Miguel Angel Torres vs Derek Collin - Miguel Torres by TKO/Ref. Stoppage Rd.1

The main event of the evening had Miguel fighting Team Hammerhouse's Derek Collin who had Wes "The Project" Simms as one of his corner-men.  Miguel proved to be too much for Derek as Miguel took the fight to the ground and secured a secure top position to finish the fight on ref. stoppage by strikes.  This improves Miguel's record to Infinity-1.  A great job for both Miguel and Derek for concluding the evening with an exciting bout.

A big thanks to Joe Goytia for putting on an excellent event.  "Mr. International" Shonnie Carter received a warm welcome as he spoke words of support to the fighter's and the mma fans.

The evening was only marred by 1 "slow" fight and the ref, in my opinion was a bit late on a few stoppages.  One fighter also suffered what appeared to be a serious arm injury from an Americana in half-kesakatame.  I hope that fighter heals soon.

Other than that, a great job to all the fighter's and their respective teams for a great night of competition.

Please post the other results from the fights.

What about Wilcox vs. Hornbuckle fight?


Congrats to Big Tim, Mark & Miguel

results damn

I grabbed these from another thread.  I'm pretty certain they are accurate.

Miguel Angel Torres vs Derek Collin (135 lb Title Fight) - Miguel Torres by tapout to strikes or TKO (not sure)

Dan Lamping vs Jim Czajkowski (195 lb Title Fight) - Jim Czajkowski by decision

Jay Estrada vs Danny Rodriguez (155 lb Title Fight) - Jay Estrada by Tapout from strikes

Amir Khillah vs Mark Miller(170 lb Title Fight) - Mark Miller by TKO

Emerson Rushing vs Jon Tarr - Didn't happen

Dan Hornbuckle vs Justin Wilcocks - Hornbuckle Triangle Rd 1

Kyle Watson vs Chris Higi - Tapout to a triangle - I forgot which guy, but the McVicker Purple Belt won

Mark Allen vs Dan Ruzika - Mark Allen Rd 2 Decision

Giovani Fosko vs Tim Nevinger - Tim Nevinger by bloody murder

Brad Munson vs Allen Johnson - Brad Munson

Eric Rasmussen vs John Klyczek - Draw

Tom Regep vs Rashad Malloy - Tom Regep Gulliotine Choke Rd 1