Some training photos and news.....


My camera is busted, so can't download any photos, but there is a slideshow including a few of some training sessions I had with Gary Goodridge and Tom Ericson at

Click on the 'BIG DADDY VS THE GIANT' title, on the top left of the options. (I'm not the giant). There are random photos of Gary's home, his daughters, training sessions and lead up to his recent win over Jan Nortje in K1 Heroes (Jan is the giant, 6'10' and 350lbs I think?).

I was rapt to train with Gary and Tom and was using the time with them to prepare for the Arnold Grappling Classic in Ohio USA.

I competed and was feeling in good shape, but tore my groin badly in the semi final of the BJJ Purple HW Division, turns out to be a grade 3 Tendon tear, and I will be off the mat for a couple of months as a result. Very disappointing, but I've had much worse.

Life in Canada has been awesome and I have met some really amazing people and learnt a great deal in a spectacular country, but I am coming home. I

came over here to follow a beautiful Canadian girl home and though we remain really close, our lives are too far apart and the relationship is over. With being injured again, most of my social scene is redundant, my job here sucks big time compared to opportunities in Australia for Mining/Construction right now.

So on the balance of life, I have decided I am happier at home in Perth, and will be there, somewhat jetalagged next week.

All the cheesy cliches are ringing in my ears right now, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and I'm happy with coming here, trying something crazy and seeing where life might lead is living large. I'm stronger and wiser (though poorer) for the experience, and it might have been longer of not for the injury, but so be it, I am in no mood to test my health in a foreign country.

Looking forward to wearing a lot less clothing and won't miss shovelling snow. That said, if you ever get a chance to come to Canada, take it. It's a fantastic country with beautiful people, a lot like Australian's.

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I second what Gerald said, Canadian's is good people.

The truth is Gerald is coming back because he misses me. 


Canadians are slow and funny looking.

Get a Job in the mines in Weipa so we can train and go fishing!!!


And the pics were where?

read the first sentence again.......

Hey G
What an adventure, you followed that great aussie saying "hava crack".

Cool pics ... a novel way to train tris pushing on Big Daddy's head!

Welcome back

Okay so I go to the address bar and put in there and click search and still I cannont see you...

Thanks Oli, we'll have to catch up this side of Australia now!!!

Gorgeous, now read the second sentence (rolls eyes!) I am in the training session photos leading up to Gary's last fight. I would normally cut and paste them but you can't from that format.

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why don't you return you phone calls?