Somebody debunk this? Or are the lizard people

Signs are starting to really show up now. Very close


That’s not how plate tectonics works.

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So help me God, if there are massive earthquakes on Friday, I’ll start asking TheCorinthian for spiritual advice.

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Yeah, it it happens tomorrow, Thursday, then that means three day weekend!


OK, you’ve invoked 666 so now I know you’re full of horse shit, but please tell us how does 666 factor in the that date?

June is the 6th month… 24th is 2 plus 4… 2022 is 2 plus 2 plus 2…

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God, it’s like Abbot & Costello doing math


lol… you got that right!

I had the same question as you… I just got lucky and was like, how in the hell did he get 666 out of this. Some mental gymnastics later… well, there it is.

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Who said it had to be addition, why couldn’t it be subtraction or multiplication? Maybe 6/23/2003 was the day, or maybe 6/23/2311.

And what about the documents found in Egypt that are over 1k years old and say the mark of the beast is 616? Maybe it was May 1st, 2006 (6/1/06) and we didn’t notice. But even that assumes the American order of writing dates, maybe it was Jan 6th, 2006 (6/1/06) based on the European order of writing dates.

Or maybe it’s not a day but a whole month, like June 2066 (6/66).

Okay, enough of the examples, you get the point.

But we all know it’s actually this Friday. Because of course it’ll happen on a Friday, because it’s more evil that way