Someone explain citrix for me...

I keep on seeing this, but I have no clue in how it really is used or what it is used for.

Its just annoying me because it pops up on a few of the windows servers that I'm working with and it just pisses me off seeing it because I don't know what the fuck it does, lol.

it does load balancing, app publishing, etc. for remote terminal services

ok then you have a fat client connecting to the citrix server. why uninstall it, they might need to retrieve info from the server?

i was joking about uninstalling it, i edited it out in the previous message, it's a very expensive application, at least to me it is


I think that many of the reasons for using citrix might be removed with Longhorn, not for sure, but there were rumblings of some of the features being implemented. At least for smaller organizations. Although I've seen it implemented at smaller places and the most I could get for the reason for it was so that people could connect to a remote desktop on the server.

A few years ago I needed to do give a remote users at smaller satellite offices access to the accounting program. Due to the size of the company I couldn't justify citrix, so I just had them all connected through vpn and published the accounting program with a program from here

Worked really well, and for a lot cheaper.

I use it almost daily for remote administration of my workstations. Check out ...that is the portal. I can log into my workstations and server from any web browser. It's good stuff.

I also have almost any Dell/Dell Financial app available to me through that Citrix site, but I generally only use remote admin because it basically encompasses all the other things anyway.

Also, we use it for our outsourced locations in Panama, the Phillipines and India. All we have to do is supply their logins and they can access the specific internal programs that we dictate, without us having to install or maintain anything on their computers.


I'm think I'm going to be called stupid for asking this.

Whats the difference between that and RDP?

Is it just like dumb terminals where you can do more than one session?

Citrix is used in situations where a company wants to host applications on a server instead of having fat "clients" on every machine. You can have scaled down workstations and run citrix ICA client on the workstations to connect to a Citrix server. It is similar to RDP or remote desktop situation.

Think of it more like instead of giving users full access to the console, your just giving them just the app. They authenticate via the client and immediatly the application opens. You could do this with terminal services obviously, but i'm sure citrix load balances better, offers better security, and probably has better bandwidth technology.