Someone in houston lost a tiger

That sounds like my kind of party.

Who just came out of a house and was able to bring a tiger inside? Sounds like a job for Grape Ape.

House is for sale. Wonder if the tiger is included.

Didn’t they say in that Tiger King show that there are more tigers in Texas than there are in the wild?

@Homeslice is from the Houston area!

Did he take a step up in his pet care interests?!

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Now I want some Frosted Flakes

One one hand I’m against the hunting of tigers. On the other hand I dont fucking live in tiger habitat.

Not even the best one I found (harder to find stuff in the wild I guess) but I laughed when the mom came to try to pull the kid away from the fence and hes like “fuck that, I’m watching a tiger be a tiger.”

Every trainer should have bear spray on them when around those creatures.

A blast of bear spray point blank in the face will get that Tiger off of her with the quickness.

Its effective on bears and I’ve seen it used on a couple of lions and they immediately released the bite.