Someone needs to teach Cody how to catch a jab

If Cody throws 20 jabs at you, I expect you to catch or parry at least 1 based on nothing more than sheer luck alone. And if you have any training at all, I expect you defend against two or three more, as well. Especially if that’s pretty much the only punch he’s throwing.

Boxers at least block some of them.

You guys are right, good jabs are completely unblockable. No one in the history of fighting has ever managed to block a jab. Not even guys with a decade of fighting experience. They eat EVERY SINGLE ONE.

For fuck’s sake.

You’re the same retard that went on and on about the Jacare arm break being lucky

People post good criticism and you go off like an idiot


I’m sorry you don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s always funny when everyone disagrees with 1 person, and that 1 person insists that he’s the only one that knows what he’s talking about.

If everyone you meet smells like shit, you might want to check under your shoe.



SG, I understand what you’re saying but I don’t get your endgame. Okay so let’s say Cody blocked 5 jabs or even 20 last night. What good does that do him? He was outclassed on every level in terms of speed, technique, volume and footwork. Blocking a few jabs would not have won him that fight because he was outboxed by the better boxer.

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Also didn’t Rob Font land like 100 jabs on Sergio Pettis some years back and have people on here shitting on Pettis because he couldn’t stop it? It’s obvious Font is elite and his jab has been a laser beam for a long time. It’s time we all accept it.

I thought that’s what the beard was for.

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Crazy. If in all his years as an elite MMA fighter known for his striking, if he just listened to the nobodies on the UG for basic boxing technique advice…

Gtfoh you fagg

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Yeah, you’re right, to late, he should have listened. Now he’s washed up. Finished. He was outclassed.