someone order the CM tape for tito

time for tito to learn the crazy monkey correctly.

Actually, if you watch Tito closely, he was doing a pretty good Crazy Monkey (whether or not he has seen the tapes, I can't say). The problem I saw was with the gaps between his hands on the straight punches, and between his forearm and bicep on the hooks. My guess is that he worked a lot with boxing gloves, the added bulk of which made his defense effective. But with MMA gloves, the gaps were just big enough for the big punches to land. A good lesson for us all, really.

John Frankl

Tito blocked effectively enough. He just failed to counter with anything. No matter how good your defense is there has to be a counter attack.

I would be happy to send him a set for free:)


Rodney "Chico" King

"Tito blocked effectively enough. He just failed to counter with anything. No matter how good your defense is there has to be a counter attack."

I'll defer to Rodney, since he will have probably seen the tape soon, but you do realize your statements above are incomplete. Tito got knocked out, thus, by definition, he did not block effectively enough:)

John Frankl

Two things.

You can't back up and expect to win.

You can't stand in range for all your opponents tools and not throw something.

If you do decide to do those two things, your defense will break down, you will get hit and you will probably end up in trouble.

Here is a clip of the fight

His blocking was piss poor.

Putting two static forearms in front of your face and keeping them static is asking for punishment (no pun intended...I think).

Also, being completely defensive and not firing back ANYTHING is also very poor strategy.

It's almost as if Tito was just accepting what he believed was his worst fear for that fight: getting KOed. Like "Hey, I knew it was coming and here it is..."

However, like I should talk, I couldn't wear Tito's jockstrap.

I was a fan of Tito since the early days, and became a HUGE fan of his after meeting and chatting with him at one of the UFCs. He was a gentleman, sincere, and just a down to earth guy. So I ain't hating.

When I asked to get a pic w/ him, he said "Sure!!" and virtually sprung out of his seat, put his belt on my shoulders, and threatened to punch me in the face! LOL!

He wrote "Joe, you're next!" on my pic. Sure he did this for EVERYONE that asked, but he made a bigger fan out of me.

When I asked Ken Shamrock and Vitor for pics. They said "Yes." and then just sat there. Ken went on bitching about his headache, the flashes, and his eyes.

While still a fan, I am a luke warm fan of them. I felt like telling Ken that the least he could do is stand up in my pic. I fucking flew to Las Vegas and paid $300.00 for a ticket to watch him fight (with a friend also) the least he could have done was stand.

I didn't say anything because he looked like he would have kicked some ass.

End rant.

End band camp story.


I finally got around to watching parts of the fight. There is no way that was CM....everything he did was wrong...

His defense was, "Oh shit here it comes and I better grab my head before it gets knocked off:)"



hey rodney

if you had the chance to train tito, what would you suggest for him in his training? i don't understand why didn't tito at least try to get to clinch position. i know it would he hard on chuck but it's better than just standing there getting peppered by chuck's punches.

i am still perplexed on how randy was able to stay standing with chuck? was chuck not as commmitted to his punch in fear of getting taken down but he had no such fear against tito?

can tito come back from this? that is two losses in a row for him...


I'm not saying Tito's defense was perfect by any means. Tito appeared to be trying the CM style much like Quinton Jackson has adopted, and he did block quite a few punches. He just didn't counter with anything. Eventually Chuck was able to find an opening. Like you said in another thread, Tito seemed to be using the boxing glove version of Crazy Monkey which isn't going to work as well with the MMA gloves.