Someone Photoshop this pic- Struve KO

Struve crumbling after Browne connected on the superman punch

It looks like he is doing the limbo.

 I thought he dislocated his knee with that akward fall

blue please

 lol i haz no skillz

what -  
poor effort...



 if i get motivated..... 

lol that Thomas Wood Photoshop is hilarious!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Phone Post

Ya know....most people know....if u can't swim....stay the fuck out the pool....if you can't use Photoshop.....well I think u get the point Phone Post

RaepChoke - 
Thomas Wood - <img src="" alt="" />

blue please


VTFU<br type="_moz" />

Bob Ross Rulz!1!11

I love these threads. Bob Ross was bad, but it's the thought that counts. Phone Post

robhustle -


thanks cdmontgo :)


 We need Awilson and Brian Rule up in here. :p

For later Phone Post

blue please