Someone please define "big"

Can someone please define "big" for me with regards to MMA fighters? It seems to be some subjective combination of height, weight and appearance, and is always up for debate. It's almost like you're arguing about who's better-looking.

For example, dude A can be 6'3", 265, 10% body fat, and dude B is 6'5", 245, 6% body fat. Then you'll have asshats on here arguing all day about who is "bigger."

Check out this thread to get my point:

Fucking retards, IMO.


How is this a less valid thing to discuss than any of the other trivial issues MMA fans choose to spend time discussing? Because you don't understand it?

Also, Bhealthy is correct.

Haulport - BEEP?



Big in my opinion relates to weight... Two gusy that weigh the same at similar BF%, but one is a few inches taller means that the shorter guy has more muscle mass or is built"bigger", more muscle mass usually equals more strength/power....

Big (adj) - Brock Lesnar.


4 inches is not big Altofsky no matter what your girlfriend tells you.

 at least it aint his boyfriend

That's because size is about dimensions and not weight.


if that  is his shoe size...we are aLL laughingstocks

NoPlacebo - 4 inches is not big Altofsky no matter what your girlfriend tells you.
 I guess you missed the tapout thread from a while back.

the girl is rather lovely


yeah people arent really good at judging physiques from pictures. They can be fooled by angles etc.

I mean, people actually believed bj penn was at 6% bodyfat.

But you cant expect more, this isnt a bodybuilding forum, their eyes arent trained for noticing these things. Just like you cant expect someone who doesnt know grappling to be amazed when they see bj penn do his stuff.

BIG=what Toms Hanks got