Someone please make a GIF of

Captain Toughguy sticking his chin way the hell out there so Reasonably Good-looking Matt Wiman could not help but smash it.

"Reasonably Good-looking Matt Wiman"

HAHAHAHHAHAHA, I want that gif too

He has been upgraded, not all the way back to "Handsome," but 2 more good victories and he's there.


Here you go:

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Can you post a link to that gif, or better yet post it as a comment on

Wiman mauled that guy and took his street cred.


Not sure I understand, can't you just right-click on the gif and save-as? I just uploaded it to photobucket, if you want me to upload to Imageshack and PM the link it is no problem, let me know.

I got that one, thanks...

Somebody make one of him choking Sims out now.

lol... what a joke!

TTT for that GIF... NICE

great muay thai stance there.

Excellent work!!!

The funniest thing was Marlon's post fight when he was in disbelief that Wiman didn't go down..."I hit him hard and then I was on the ground, I don't understand how that could happen"...Marlon was unable to make the logical leap that if two people hit each other and ones goes down...the guy who didn't go down may be the harder hitter...of course Marlon is "the hardest striker at 155" so something else must have happened like Wiman got hit in the elbow by an asteroid just as he made contact and it supercharged his punch.

"Must keep ... lead hand low ... when I throw my right .. must keep my left lead hand low ... or was it the other way around?"


so much for a 5000000000000 and 0 street fight record.
anyone who even keeps track of thier street fights is retared!